About Kevin Sedgley.

kevin sedgley outside clive

Who are ‘ya?

Hello! I’m Kevin. I’ve been bashing keyboards since the mid-80s when Dad came home from the pub with an Amstrad CPC 464 and said “this’ll keep him quiet”. I’ve been a software developer for 20+ years, and have led teams since 2010.

I try to work in organisations that do social good, and have worked in education, the public sector, the third sector, and international development. This includes Unboxed, Tutorfair (now Superprof), ROSTR, Localgiving, POST, Crowd Technologies, Practical Action, and Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

I once was an extra in an episode of The IT Crowd, and I’ve sung at Glastonbury.

I have an itinerate life living on a narrowboat, and can be found between Coventry and London, in the UK. I’m also a fan of a soap opera / football team.

Contact me

Say hello! My email is [email protected] and I’m also very inactive on Mastodon, Bluesky, and Linkedin.