30 January 2023

Sub five pound pints in trendy East London

It's possible.

cheap lager

“Work” in progress

Whenever I find a pub that isn’t a spoons, and you get a proper pint for under a fiver, I’m celebrating it here. +£5 pints used to come with a warning:

  • Pride of Spitalfields, just off Brick Lane. JUNO: £4.40. This is a from a local brewery, is a 5 point something ABV, and a bit fruity.
  • The Hare, Cambridge Heath Road. JUNO: £4.20. XPA: £4.30. See above. Really good work from a cracking boozer
  • The Camel, Globe Town, Adnams Mosaic Pale, £5
  • The Cock Tav, Hackney Central. Dark Mild, 4%, £4.60
  • Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell. Whitstable Pale, £4.60.
  • The Three Crowns, Stoke Newington. Inches Cider, £5.00.
  • The Dove, Broadway Market, ELB Nightwatchmen Bitter, 4.5%, £4.80.