07 February 2023

Aliases 🥸

Some aliases and scripts

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I use .oh-my-zsh as a shell, and have a series of aliases and scripts set up for quick development / laziness. I’ve put them on github.

Here’s the aliases1:

# kool-scripts
Cool scripts for yr mac dev

Completely unsupported, back up for my own scripts.

The aliases file for [oh-my-zsh](https://ohmyz.sh/) is put in `~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/`, feel free to use in your own shell.

 - `u` or `up` Go up a dir
 - `pj` or `projects` go to the project directory
 - `dcu` docker-compose up, starting the docker desktop deamon if needed
 - `dce` executes whatever you say in the first container listed in docker-compose.yml, defaults to _`sh`_ 
  - `search` searches for phrase using grep
  - `dcr` like above, but geared around rails commands, defaults to _`console`_
  - `flush` flush the DNS cache
  - `lh` list hidden files in dir 
  - `ports` netstat for ports
  - `header` curl headers
  - `psmem` ps, sorted by memory usages
  - `pscpu` ps, sorted by cpu usage
  - `cd..` stops that annoying error
  - `ping` defaults to ping 5 times and not forever
  - `x` exit

I especially find the docker scripts helpful - dce jumping into the first container is super handy, and dcu automatically starting the docker-desktop daemon automatically is 👨‍🍳😘.

  1. I got this jekyll page to update with the README automatically by doing a hardlink: ln ../../Scripts/README.md _includes/aliases.md